Monday, February 7, 2011

Monday, Monday

What is it about Monday mornings! You know you go through the entire week just waiting for the weekend and poof, it's over, that is the weekend, and Monday morning is starring you in the face again. Smiles are coming to my face as I realize that it's crazy to feel this way about a day we call Monday. How insane is it to look at a certain day in our life with such dread! Instead of going through the Monday, Monday, blues, we should be grateful to have the opportunity to begin another week in our life.

O, hold on a minute! I've got it! Monday is NOT the first day of our week. SUNDAY is the first day of our week. Maybe IF we would begin the week with Sunday, attend the church of our choice, actually rest that day in worship to our heavenly Father, then it would make that dreaded day of Monday be less intimidating.

"O Father, we human's have such weird ideas about our life. Our lives are based around our circumstances, our emotions, our mindset, but YOU O LORD are concerned about it ALL. You have even numbered the hairs of our head (laughter). How awesome are you Lord! Your love fills me with joy and hope and never again will I dread a day that you have given me to live fully."

Saturday, February 5, 2011

I Am So Humbled!

It seems like years since I've been out of the "Church Box!" You know what that is, right? In case you don't, please let me explain what the phrase, "the church box," means to me. Now that's the key phrase, "To me," cause it may not mean the same to you.

A church box is something so boring, so nothing that it hardly takes us back to services week after week. The church box is so small, that it has no room for expansion. It produces little thinking, dwarfed Christians, and absolutely zero in the emotional realm. Because the "Church Box" is so confining, there is no room for relationships that actually mean something. Everyone in the "church box" is so miserable, that they want to make sure that everyone else around them stays in the same "miserable box" with them. You recognize "church box" people by No Joy, no Peace, no Nothing, just sour plastered faces that appear as if the life was sucked right out of them.

Today, I met with some other people who are tired of living in "the box." It was so absolutely refreshing to laugh so much, and be excited about living "out among the people," which is where Jesus spent over 90% of His time walking the earth. Joy began to bubble up inside of me. Real contentment like a warm blanket began to spread throughout my physical body. This was exciting! This was what my heart has been longing for. Not perfect people, but people who know how to "Forgive and "Forget" the past, hurts, and disappointments from others. A people called by our Father.

My heart was so humbled to know that when we decide to "get out of the Box," which is what we call the Religious Church, then God will work in our lives and in the lives of other people to accomplish His work in the earth.

"Thank you Heavenly Father for opening up my eyes to see beyond the limitation of THE BOX. When I am in your house, and with your people, Lord, the boundaries are no longer going to be there to limit me and keep me small. I refuse to just GO to Church. Help me Father, BE the CHURCH. Grow, bigger in me Father so that your will and your work will be accomplished."

Now What About You and What Kind of Box is Holding You Back From Becoming Who You Really Are in Christ!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Who Do We Think We Are?

How dare we make judgments about other people. Not one of us knows what another person is going through and what has happened to them in their life unless we have been their closest friend. Even then, no human can know the thoughts of another. Christian people are the worst regarding this issue. We are so judgmental and are experts at "talking" about God, and that is called RELIGION. We are all guilty in this sin, "O Father God, help me to quit making opinions about people and judging them." Whee! That felt better. Now how about you???