Monday, February 7, 2011

Monday, Monday

What is it about Monday mornings! You know you go through the entire week just waiting for the weekend and poof, it's over, that is the weekend, and Monday morning is starring you in the face again. Smiles are coming to my face as I realize that it's crazy to feel this way about a day we call Monday. How insane is it to look at a certain day in our life with such dread! Instead of going through the Monday, Monday, blues, we should be grateful to have the opportunity to begin another week in our life.

O, hold on a minute! I've got it! Monday is NOT the first day of our week. SUNDAY is the first day of our week. Maybe IF we would begin the week with Sunday, attend the church of our choice, actually rest that day in worship to our heavenly Father, then it would make that dreaded day of Monday be less intimidating.

"O Father, we human's have such weird ideas about our life. Our lives are based around our circumstances, our emotions, our mindset, but YOU O LORD are concerned about it ALL. You have even numbered the hairs of our head (laughter). How awesome are you Lord! Your love fills me with joy and hope and never again will I dread a day that you have given me to live fully."

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