Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Lightning, Hail, Loud Thunder, & Hard Rain!

What a storm we had blowing through our counties last night, and even today the rains are continuing in other places.

As I contemplated all of the lightning, hail, loud thunder, and the very hard rain, it was as if the Holy Spirit spoke to me and said, "This is what I'm getting ready to do across this country. My Spirit is going to appear as the lightning, quick and electrifying, as the thunder, loud and bodacious, as the rain, so much and spreading, to the degree that miracles, signs, and wonders, are going to take place in the circumstances and situations that people think are impossible. I am the God of impossibilities and to those who have been praying and interceding for their loved ones for a long time, to those tired and discouraged; to those who are thirsting for more of me, Get Ready... The wind of my Spirit is beginning to blow."

My heart leaped within me with excitement as I had seen some circumstances just this very week, that were impossible in my human reasoning and understand, do a complete flip flop to the positive---without any human intervention. Relationships that had been destroyed for years and years, the Wind of the Spirit, restored in just a few minutes. Halleluiah!

"Thank you Heavenly Father for the wind of the Holy Spirit. Help me develop that intimate relationship with Him, the Holy Spirit, that will keep me sensitive to the voice of the Spirit."

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