Friday, May 6, 2011

Help! Rescue Me!

Sunday, is the day we recognize Mother's all across this land in a holiday known as Mother's Day. Undoubtedly, my mother was a Jewel of all Jewel's. Mother taught me so many things. Mostly good. She created in me the desire to be more like her, as the years rolled by and my life moved into adulthood. To me, she gave me something that is the most prized possession any person could have. She gave me L O V E! UnConditional L O V E.
  • She loved me when I was good!
  • She loved me when I was bad!
  • She loved me when I was sick!
  • She loved me when I was mad!
  • She loved me at ALL TIMES!
There were 6 of us children and NONE of us six experienced anything but LOVE from a GODLY mother who feed us, bathed us, taught us right from wrong, disciplined us when we needed it, but always put her arms around us to comfort us and assure us of her love. She worked her fingers to the bone to take care of a family of eight.

To all of the Godly Mother's across this land, you have a special place in the heart of our Father for protecting and sheltering your children from harm's way.

But there is another kind of Mother out there we don't ever talk about. That is the Mother's who have the name, but that's all it is. They don't even deserve the time to post about them but there are thousands of children who need a voice to expose these types of mother's in name only.

These mother's, deserve to be tared and feathered!
These mother's deserve to be treated as they have treated their children!
These mothers have deserted their children, or worse, have allow some person to continually abuse them, or harm them.
These mother's are unfit, only full of themselves and how best their own personal needs can be filled through the usage of their children.
These mother's will lie, cheat, steal, or do whatever, to satisfy their own goals, plans, and agenda.
These mother's will actually do their own child harm and yes, some of them will do it in the name of the Lord!

There is a reckoning day coming! My heart is heavy and burdened for all of the children who have this type of mother. No she doesn't even deserve the capital M in mother. Rest assured, judgment day is coming!

But what about those of us who could make a difference in the life of a child who has a Mother of this sort. Please become aware of children around you. If you see neglect, or even suspect abuse, don't hesitate to report it. Become involved in the life of a child.

O Father! We don't always understand the ways of man! How evil people have become in this day that we are living. Forgive me where I have failed to see with your eyes, what injustices are being committed around me. Open the eyes of my heart Lord, that I will become more observant in the life of a child who so needs rescuing. I understand Father, that WE, your people, are your HANDS, your FEET, your VOICE, in the earth. Help us CRY OUT for the little children in the world. Amein!"

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